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Down load Intel RSPOSHOR Server System Configuration Detector Utility for Linux (Motherboard). Intel® Server System RSPOSHOR, 1u rack system with SSPO board and 8 x hot-swapable HDD Drive cage, 2 x W redundant power supplies Information View that is additional now. Memory & Space. Memory Types DDR4 ECC UDIMM. Intel® Server System RSPOSHOR - Ordering and trade compliance information comprehensive of modification notifications, material declarations, purchasing codes and trade compliance : Intel.

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Intel® Server System RSPOSHOR, 1u rack system with SSPO board and 8 x hot-swapable HDD Drive cage, 2 x W redundant energy supplies Additional Information View now. Memory & Space. Memory Types DDR4 ECC UDIMM. Intel® Server System RSPOSHOR - Ordering and trade compliance information comprehensive of modification notifications, material declarations, buying codes and trade compliance : Intel. Mar 16,  · Intel® Server System RSPOSHOR - Support item information, featured content and much more.

related: R1208SPOSHOR, 1U, Intel C236, 8x SATA, 4x DDR4, 2x Dual 1Gb Ethernet, 450W Rdt PSU Require more help? Intel® Server System RSPOSHOR Intel® Server System R1208SPOSHORR Offer Feedback Intel® Server System RSPOSHORR Product Specifications

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Bob Feldstein, in charge of AMD's success into the console market, joins NVIDIA 25.07.2021 [17:00], Konstantin Khodakovsky

Bob Feldstein's name is nearly unknown to the average user, but for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft he is a prominent figure in the IT industry. As AMD's VP of Strategic Development, he facilitated the company's entry into new markets and was directly involved in entering into deals with the aforementioned corporations to use the AMD hardware platform in the generation that is next U, PlayStation and Xbox systems. At the same time, he headed AMD's Boston developing Center.

Bob Feldstein served as VP of Engineering at ATI just before its takeover by AMD in 2021 and, among other things, led the Xenos accelerators for the xbox and Hollywood for the Wii. In today's generation of consoles, just the PS3 has an accelerator from a company that is rival NVIDIA RSX, but for the upcoming consoles, needlessly to say, NVIDIA will not supply its pictures cards at all.


It is formally understood that the AMD will be used by the Nintendo Wii U Wolf accelerator with DDR3 memory (considering RV770, Radeon HD 4000)

For almost two decades, Bob Feldstein worked into the camp" that is"red and now he decided to go over to the side of the main competitor - NVIDIA. As Mr. Feldstein told the Wall Street Journal, on July 13, he left AMD in a atmosphere that is friendly with no trouble, and since July 16, he has been at NVIDIA as VP of Technology Licensing. AMD's Andrew Fox said the VP that is former was to build a model that would push the company's visuals accelerators into new market segments, including that the choice to leave AMD belongs to Mr. Feldstein himself.


Meanwhile, NVIDIA has neither confirmed nor rejected conjecture that a senior executive at a rival company was hired to reclaim the lost gaming console market. Although company spokesman Bob Sherbin told the Wall Street Journal that Mr. Feldstein will help NVIDIA make sense of the current and potential future of technology licensing projects.

Bob Feldstein isn't truly the only executive that is senior leave struggling AMD in recent years. In February of this year, the chief technical officer for graphics products, Eric Demers, moved to Qualcomm, who gave a very interesting interview to the Rage3D resource in April. In November last year, among 1,400 laid-off employees, a number of department heads left the company. Senior Vice President Rick Bergman stepped down in September and CEO Dirk Meyer was fired last January for lack of initiative in the mobile market.


The transfer of Bob Feldstein, who has vast experience and knowledge of AMD's technologies, plans and capabilities, to your enemy camp will certainly inflict hefty harm in the company and, quite the opposite, can give NVIDIA a significant advantage. The hardware platforms of gaming systems have not yet been approved, and who knows if NVIDIA will manage to convince the colossus of the video game market in the expediency of using the power of GeForce until the release of the next generation consoles from Xbox and Sony, at least a year.

On the other hand, AMD CEO Rory Reed was able to strengthen his company's place in a lot of areas in a relatively short period of time. In this he was assisted by executives such as Lisa Su, who previously worked at Freescale and IBM, and Mark Papermaster, who held senior positions at Cisco and Apple, and many other professionals that are new.


Arun Iyengar will manage the gaming now console business at AMD, along with other responsibilities and promoting AMD chips to wider markets. Last month, Mr. Iyengar was named vice president and general manager of the company's new business that is embedded division. Meanwhile, the Boston R&D Center is going to be led by Jim Farrell, AMD's lead design expert who pioneered the business's silicon technology way.

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a supply:

  • online.wsj.com, theverge.com


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